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Lipan Point at Sunrise, Grand Canyon   Leave a comment

Each photographer is influenced by his or her memory of the events surrounding a photograph.  Getting up before sunrise, searching for the canyon edge in the dark, watching that sunrise, wondering at the stunning quiet broken only by the crows calling to each other  — all are intricately woven into the photographer’s memory of an image.  Specific memories that the casual viewer can’t possibly share.  So although there are tens of thousands of Grand Canyon images on the web, this one is the one that evokes my memories of that morning.  That’s why it is special to me.  And although photographers like to have their photos complimented, I believe that most of us still do this first and foremost for ourselves.

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Agathla Peak, AZ   Leave a comment

Agathla Peak is on Navajo Land south of Monument Valley and north of the town of Kayenta.  It’s an eroded volcanic plug slightly over 1,500 feet high.

When I took this photo I was exhausted from a full day of photography in Monument Valley.  I kept looking at it as we drove down the US 163.  My wife finally said, “You know you’ll be sorry if you don’t stop.”  I can’t believe I even considered passing up the shot . . .

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Territorial   Leave a comment

Two males and one female in the same vicinity.  That didn’t last for long.

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Same Subject, Two Different Stories   Leave a comment

A photo can tell a story.  Including the sign in the photo changes the story, don’t you think?

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With People, or Without?   Leave a comment

It was one of those spring mornings at the beach, cool in the shade and warm in the sun.  Looking to the horizon it was difficult to tell where the ocean ended and the sky began.  Everything beyond the beach was a beautiful pastel blue.

One of the decisions I struggled with was whether the photo would be better with people (for scale and reference) or without (abstract and less distracting).  To be honest, I still don’t know which I prefer.  Maybe both.

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Dunes & Fence   2 comments

With a little work in Lightroom and Topaz, a moody photograph on a dreary day in Cape May, NJ.

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Cape May – Terns (photo #5)   2 comments

And he sticks the landing . . .

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