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“Hey camera man, don’t you want to get this picture?”, asked Douglas Jones, Sr. (center).

On April 7, 2010 a 26 year-old man named Douglas Jones, Jr. was fatally shot in Lancaster city following an argument and fight with another man.  The conflict was over a woman.  As the Intelligencer Journal stated, “It was a senseless killing, but not unlike several that have snuffed out the lives of young men on Lancaster city’s streets in recent years.”  I don’t remember the shooting, which happened seven months before we moved into the city, but I read about it on Friday — a year and one day after Jones died.  On Saturday I attended the “Stop the Violence” rally that Jones’ father and two uncles held to commemorate the anniversary of his death.  The photo above was taken in response to the father’s question.  The others that follow are a few of the 104 that I took during the celebration of a young man’s life that ended much too soon.  I hope and pray that the messages of non-violence that were spoken that day found a receptive audience.


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