What am I doing here?   2 comments

No, I’m not talking about this photo.  And I’m certainly  not talking about my place in the universe.  I rarely think that deeply, and it’s too depressing to contemplate anyway.  I’m talking about here, on this blog/site.  For those of you who know me — and my  Adult-ADD personality — this is my third or fourth different attempt at a photography website.  So what am I doing here?

It’s a good question.  Each of the other websites eventually became stagnant.  No new photos or content for weeks or even months at a time.  So when my friend Kathy asked, “How frequently do you plan on refreshing this site?“, I knew exactly what she meant.  And she’s absolutely right, because what good is a photography blog if you come back two weeks from now and find the same photo at the top of the page?

It’s not for lack of material.  I have hundreds of photos that have only ever taken the short trip from flashcard to hard drive and have lived there in hibernation ever since.  Like the image above taken seven years ago in Santa Fe, NM.  So what’s different this time?  I am banking on three changes — software, system and site.

I can’t begin to describe how Adobe Lightroom 3 software has improved my photo organization and editing.  Keywording and a logical hierarchical structure have put all of those hibernating photos at my fingertips (or at least it will once I have every DVD, CD, hard drive, and flashcard downloaded).  I’m sure I could have achieved the same results before (using only Photoshop) but my folder-based hierarchy became such a poorly organized hodge-podge that finding old photos was more dumb luck than logic.  I’m not paid by Adobe to sing Ligthroom’s praises, but hallelujah!

System-wise, I switched from a Windows PC to an Apple Macbook Pro running OSX.  Now this isn’t meant to offend anyone using Windows — I was a long-time customer too — but Vista was the last straw for me.  Gates said he was embarrassed by Vista, but apparently not enough to offer the upgrade to Windows 7 with an easy migration path.  So Microsoft can bite me.  I’ve gone Mac.  And I love how quick, logical and easy it is to use.  I no longer have one or more crashes every time I work on my photos, and I no longer just give up in frustration.

From a site standpoint I’ve given up trying to have a photo blog and photo galleries all on the same site.  The attraction of having this blog, photoriety, on WordPress.com is that it costs me nothing, and the free “theme” that I’m using (called Andrea) is quick and easy for publishing one or two photos at a time.  With a few words of wit or pretentiousness, depending on your point of view, thrown in to boot.  I do still have a desire to have online galleries of my best photos.  Those will be set up on a separate photo-sharing site (probably on SmugMug) and linked from this blog.  An altogether more manageable structure for me, and costing only about $40 to $60 per year (the SmugMug fee).

So to finally answer Kathy’s question, I hope to update this blog three, four or more times a week on average.  I’ll even add an email sign-up on the sidebar for anyone wanting a heads-up about new content (or needing more spam in their inbox).  The SmugMug galleries, however, will change only when I take a photo that I consider to be a “Top 100” type of image.

At least that’s the plan.  :o)


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2 responses to “What am I doing here?

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  1. Well, you have a great composition here. All of the textures in the background are fabulous.

  2. Wow … yet another stunning photograph! Do you sell your photos? I am seriously interested in notecards and also may be in the market for photos to adorn the walls of a local coffeehouse in Ambler, PA. 😉

    Thanks for a very thorough answer to my question!


    Kathleen Roberts

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