Santa Fe Daisies   2 comments

Anyone who has been to Santa Fe knows that it is a colorful place.  The colors that I found on Gallery Row provided a perfect backdrop for these pretty — but otherwise unexceptional — daisies.  Best of all, the flowers were planted at the edge of a retaining wall.  There was no need to get down on the ground for the shot.  I just set up my tripod, opened up the aperture for a shallow depth-of-field, and captured the image.  They should all be this easy.


Posted May 3, 2011 by ~ Bruce in Travel Photography

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2 responses to “Santa Fe Daisies

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  1. Amazing … you find and capture the beauty in the ordinary views around us! How are you able to do that?

    Kathleen Roberts
  2. Thanks Kathy! That’s very kind of you. I think maybe having a camera with me more often than the average person simply provides more opportunities. I also think that only having sight in one eye helps me with photography. My world is more two-dimensional than it is for most people.

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