Negative Vortexes and Great Photography   Leave a comment

When I think of the desert southwest, the scenery in Sedona, Arizona is probably surpassed only by Monument Valley for evoking a feeling of the old cowboy west.  Tourists, photographers, and various other interlopers are drawn to this area by the beauty, outdoor activities, and the climate.  And — for some — by the vortexes.

A vortex is an energy center — a sort of energy whirlpool — emanating from the earth.  Some vortexes emit positive energy.  Others emit negative energy.  I know this because I apparently upset a woman by climbing a negative vortex to take some photos.  She was quite sincere, quite concerned, and a little bit scary.  Fortunately, Melanie played “wing man” and struck up a conversation with her, learning more about negative vortexes than she probably ever wanted to know.  I remained undeterred and unharmed, capturing a handful of nice sunset images that day and the next.  Maybe I canceled out the bad karma by later climbing a positive vortex.

The lesson learned?  Marry a good wingman so you can photograph in peace.  Or put in your ear buds and turn up the iPod.  Those of you possibly inclined toward vortex credibility can learn about them here.  May the harmonic convergence be with you.


Posted May 14, 2011 by ~ Bruce in Landscapes, Travel Photography

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