Petroglyph, Monument Valley   2 comments

pet·ro·glyph:  a drawing or carving on rock, made by a member of a prehistoric people.

There are quite a few petroglyphs around Monument Valley.  Evidence of the Anasazi — predecessors of the present-day Navajo people.  Anasazi is Navajo for “ancient ones”.


Posted May 18, 2011 by ~ Bruce in Travel Photography

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2 responses to “Petroglyph, Monument Valley

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  1. Very nice, Bruce!

    Have you seen the newest Smithsonian addition – the National American Indian Museum? Though it opened in 2004, we just had an opportunity to visit last weekend when we met up with Walter in DC. It is made up of beautiful architecture, a wonderful collection and a cafe filled with a delicious selection of foods from all of the Indian tribes across the Americas!

    Kathleen Roberts
  2. Kathy, No — we haven’t been down to DC in quite a few years. I’ve wanted to go to the Holocaust Museum, but now can add the National American Indian Museum to the list, too. Thanks for letting me know. Hope you had a good time with Walter. I know he looks forward to seeing you whenever he’s in the US.

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