Heavenly Light   4 comments

Just before sunset, a late-September thunder shower rolled through the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  The sky took on an exquisite color and I searched for anything to contrast against the yellow-orange backdrop.  This dead pine was all I could find before the rain and lightning forced Rob and me to scramble for cover. Taken in 2005, previously unpublished.


Posted May 22, 2011 by ~ Bruce in Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife

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  1. The light makes the photo. I have to admit, I never really picked up on that until you pointed it out to me as you took pictures late into sunset when the fading, dimming light became, as you called it, “soft.” Of all the things I learned from our trip, I won’t forget your lesson on the importance of light in taking photographs!

  2. Wow, Rob. You put up with my inconvenient photography schedule AND had to listen to my babbling, too! But seriously, that was one of the best vacations. A chance to de-stress and hang out. We need to do another one soon . . .

  3. Amazing colors … if you hadn’t explained how you took the photo, I would have thought that you used the capabilities of your Apple software to get the background color!

    Kathleen Roberts
  4. Changing the color is something that’s possible to do, Kathy. But not in this case — that’s the real color of the sky (or at least what my camera captured!).

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