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One late afternoon at Bryce Canyon National Park, I decided to take a drive out to Sunset Point to scout the location for later that day.  The view from that particular point is at the top of a small hill and is not visible from the parking lot.  As I walked up the hill, a few groups with small children hurried past me and headed toward their cars.  I knew something was up, and when I arrived at the overlook I was greeted by the above sight — a huge thunder head that stretched from the desert floor and disappeared into the sky.  I set up my tripod as quickly as possible and started firing away.

I was able to capture fifteen or twenty shots before the storm reached me.  I covered the camera with a garbage bag that I keep in my camera bag and ran to a nearby shelter, camera still attached to the tripod.  I got pretty wet and I remember that it was some of the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard.  But the camera stayed dry and I got some special shots of the awesome power of nature.

Right place, right time . . . and a lot of luck.


Posted May 25, 2011 by ~ Bruce in Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife

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