Eilean Donan / Changing Weather   1 comment

I’ve never been a big fan of picture postcards for one simple reason — so many of them are taken on blue-sky idyllic days (and then over saturated into colors that don’t normally exist in nature, but that’s a slightly different gripe).  Now, there’s nothing wrong with sunshine and blue skies when traveling and vacationing.  But for interesting photographs, I’ll take changing weather over blue skies any day.  And no where does the weather change more frequently than in the Western Highlands of Scotland.  I spent a good ten hours visiting Eilean Donan castle, and in that one day experienced sunshine, lightning, heavy downpours, rainbows, and everything in between.  Those “in between” moments, like the one above, can be spectacular.

Even if they’re not postcard worthy.



Posted June 12, 2011 by ~ Bruce in Europe, Travel Photography

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  1. That photo would make an awesome postcard, but you knew that already! It really is an incredible picture with such pending drama!

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