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I’ve seen a few lighthouses in my life (boy, have I) thanks to my wife’s passion for them.  The most beautiful by far is Lismore Lighthouse on the western coast of Scotland.  Besides being visually stunning Lismore has an interesting heritage, having been built in 1833 by Robert Stevenson — grandfather of Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).

The official location of Lismore Lighthouse (which only a Scot could possibly understand) is “on Eilean Musdile in the Firth of Lorne at the entrance to Loch Linnhe”.  I could come up with a pretty good drinking game involving reciting that really fast while sipping single malt Scotch.  Not that anyone in Scotland needs an excuse to drink, at least based on what I observed on my trips there.  Like when we shared a train ride from London to Edinburgh with the Scottish national rugby team . . . a story for another post.

In any case, the best way to capture a good view of Lismore is to take the ferry from Oban toward Mull and Iona.  We had a particularly cold ferry ride even though it was June, but that is what you can expect in Scotland, especially on the water.  One other photographer and I left the warmth of the cabin and went out on deck to take photos.  I was able to take about two dozen shots as we passed by.  Thanks to strong winds and the vibrations of the ferry’s engines only three or four turned out acceptably sharp.  I was looking forward to another chance on the return trip but the ferry return route was far removed from the lighthouse.

The fare to ride the ferry is pretty steep but well worth the cost of seeing this magnificent lighthouse.  Throw in the chance to see Iona Abbey, Fingal’s Cave, and the rugged Scottish coast, and I would part with double the fare.  Highly recommended for photographers and non-photographers alike.


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  1. Stunning! The whitelighthouse! looks like you tinkered with the photo a little, but whatever you did, it’s a great photo!

    • Thanks Rob. You are right about tinkering with the image. I removed detail from the mountains and the sky in the background to eliminate some distractions. It makes the subject stand out better.

      I’ve been thinking about doing a post about Ansel Adams and how he created his images in the darkroom. I think Adams would have enthusiastically embraced the digital age and the ability to enhance the raw photo as captured by the camera. After all, that’s exactly what he did with his negatives.

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