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Prairie Meets Black Hills   Leave a comment

While driving through miles of prairie on the way to the Black Hills of South Dakota, we came upon this first evidence of nearing our destination.  I always look for areas of transition, and this particular one had the benefit of hay bales in the foreground and that beautiful color in the medium distance.

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The Lewis R. French   Leave a comment

The Lewis R. French is America’s oldest windjammer, and a National Historic Landmark.

She was launched in April 1871 and still looks sleek and beautiful under full sail.

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A Glimpse At The Past   Leave a comment

I tried to give this photo the look of an old grainy and hand-colored print.

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Deer Island Thorofare Lighthouse   Leave a comment

Deer Island Thorofare Lighthouse (also called Mark Island Lighthouse) is in East Penobscot Bay, approximately one-mile off the Maine coast.  It was first lighted on New Years Day in 1858.  The best view of this light is from shipboard, and we were fortunate that Captain Doug Lee (captain of The Heritage) sailed a loop around the six-acre island so that we could get a good long look (and plenty of photos).

An especially unique feature of this lighthouse is that although square on the outside, the tower is round on the inside.  In the late 1950’s the attached keepers house was badly damaged by fire, and at that point the light was automated and everything other than what you see here was torn down.

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Maine Wooden Schooner   Leave a comment

A two-masted schooner under full sail — a beautiful sight to behold.

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Silhouette, Eilean Donan Castle, Western Highlands, Scotland   Leave a comment

Late in the day of an all-day photo shoot at Eilean Donan Castle in the Western Highlands.  I hiked over to the east side of the castle and lined up the shot so that the castle was directly in front of the setting sun.  It was lightly raining at the time (note the rain drops in the water and reflection), so I covered the camera with a rain cover and kept on shooting.  A rain cover is a wise thing to have everywhere you go in Scotland.

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Artist Photos – New & Old   Leave a comment

Two photos of artists at work.  One taken last evening in Lancaster City, the other taken nearly 15 years ago in Brussels, Belgium.

Artist at work, Lancaster City.  Painting outdoors across from Binns Park on Queen Street.  Digital capture with a Canon 50D DSLR.

Artist at work, Brussels, Belgium.  Making sketches in the Grand Platz.  Transparency film capture with a Canon EOS Elan SLR, later scanned to disc.

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