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Taking A Break   2 comments

I’m going to take a bit of a break from this blog and wanted to let my tens of fans know about it.  :o)

It’s not for lack of photos — I’ve probably got at least a years worth still not published, and I continue to photograph almost every week.  But I have a real burning issue that I want to work on.  Specifically, the financial cost of incarceration policies in America.  Those of you who know my wife and her work know where my source of motivation comes from.

I am hoping to develop a site that will be a repository of factual, cited data and studies.  The intent is to provide a source of information that will help us all step away from the emotional arguments that frequently get in the way of rational discussion on this topic.  I hope to have that site at least minimally populated within the coming weeks and I will post the link here when it is ready.

In the mean time, I hope you will visit my galleries site.  I will continue to add images to the galleries, albeit without the running commentary that accompanies a blog.


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Tower Bridge, London   Leave a comment

Not that there is a shortage of Tower Bridge (not London Bridge) photos, but here is one that I took in 2007.  I am getting around to publishing it now for the first time.  I was very close to the bridge, taking this photo from the walkway along the Thames river using a 24mm lens.  Photo at f/5.6 and 1/8th of a second.

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(Not) Listening to the Choir   Leave a comment

In an earlier post I mentioned that every Saturday morning a local Mennonite church choir sets up on Penn Square and sings hymns.  Tourists and other infrequent visitors gather around, take pictures, accept or decline the religious literature, and usually applaud the singing — which is quite good.  For the hour or so when the choir is there, however, the locals are pretty much displaced.  Most move off to nearby benches and retaining walls to wait it out.  Others simply stand to the side which, in this case, highlighted a social contrast that captured my attention.

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Still Life #1   Leave a comment

Playing around with my new black & white software.  A simple photo of an iron grate, brick wall, and a weed.

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Choir Girls   1 comment

Every Saturday morning several dozen members of one of Lancaster’s Mennonite churches assemble at Penn Square.  They hand out literature, evangelize, and sing hymns.  This Saturday was no different, except for the fact that this time I sat on a nearby bench and listened instead of photographing across the street at Central Market.  After the last hymn this group of girls sat on a nearby wall, waiting for their parents and fully aware of my camera as you can see.

Normally I do not post recent photographs of children.  In this case however, the choir has been photographed thousands of times by the tourists wandering around the city or coming into the  square from the convention center across the street.  And let’s be honest here — this blog doesn’t exactly have a national following!

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Guitar Man   2 comments

Yesterday I had one of the best photography days I’ve had in a long time.  Photo ops just seemed to be everywhere and I’ll be posting many of the images over the next several days.

The brick wall and sidewalk along Central Market is a favorite place for street musicians to set up and play, and it’s a great place to photograph the right subject.  This young man was definitely the right kind of subject, and — bonus — he was a really good musician.  I dropped a few dollars in his case and took a dozen shots.  I was so pleased with what I saw on the camera’s LCD display that I bought him a coffee too.

I processed this photo in Adobe Lightroom 3, followed by Topaz Black & White Effects (Low Contrast Detail setting).  Then I brought back 30% color to give it a pastel hand-colored look.

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Evolution of a Photo   2 comments

Things you can do to a single photo using software . . .

Here’s the original photo that I took this morning of a plaque on an old rusted cast-iron-and-stone grave cover.

The message says “MAY THE FAITHFULL DEPARTED REST IN PEACE” (and yes, they spelled faithful with two L’s)

Here is the same photo, now cropped and with a slight color saturation increase.

Finally, here is the same photo processed first with Topaz Adjust software (HDR Detail setting) and then with Topaz Black & White Effects software (Low Contrast Detail setting with dark corner vignette applied).  A nice photo for Halloween!

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