Evolution of a Photo   2 comments

Things you can do to a single photo using software . . .

Here’s the original photo that I took this morning of a plaque on an old rusted cast-iron-and-stone grave cover.

The message says “MAY THE FAITHFULL DEPARTED REST IN PEACE” (and yes, they spelled faithful with two L’s)

Here is the same photo, now cropped and with a slight color saturation increase.

Finally, here is the same photo processed first with Topaz Adjust software (HDR Detail setting) and then with Topaz Black & White Effects software (Low Contrast Detail setting with dark corner vignette applied).  A nice photo for Halloween!


Posted September 10, 2011 by ~ Bruce in America in Decline, Signs of the Times

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2 responses to “Evolution of a Photo

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  1. Creative! Definitely a good Halloween picture!

    • Rob, It’s an old abandoned grave cover that is falling apart. I couldn’t even find a person’s name on it. The cover is actually 3 or so feet high (like a small crypt) and is architecturally magnificent. It’s a shame to see it so neglected.

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