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You Know You Are In Lancaster When . . .   Leave a comment

Just part of the Saturday selection at market in Lancaster.  That’s really expensive — somewhere around the price of an expensive cut of filet mignon — but I’m betting the lamb from whence it came would believe that it’s priced not nearly high enough.

I’ve tried a lot of different foods in a lot of different countries, but there’s absolutely no way . . .


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Occupy Lancaster   2 comments

The “Occupy” movement came to our little city, only a half dozen or so blocks from my home.  How could any photographer resist?  The police didn’t seem to be too concerned, and the Bank of America security guard (who BofA brought in from Virginia) seemed mostly interested in checking out the outlet malls on Route 30 after the bank closed.  In any case, it was a peaceful scene during the time I was there.

Here are a few of the better photos that I took on Saturday afternoon.  I am not particularly interested in wide angle crowd shots.  I prefer images that tell an individual story.


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