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If the town of Scenic, S.D., sounds familiar you may have heard or read the recent news coverage about the entire town being put up for sale.  In fact, even more recently it was revealed that the town was purchased — by a church from the Philippines.

I took a special interest in the news because I had stumbled upon the town by accident about ten years ago, along with my dad and son.  We were in the middle of a several day stay in the Badlands region, and on that particular day we were on our way to see the Pine Ridge Reservation.  What caught my attention from the highway was the abandoned church, above.  I made a quick detour and soon discovered that many of the buildings in town were also boarded up and abandoned.  It was a semi- ghost town that had not been listed in any of the travel literature.  A pleasant discovery, but a somewhat sad scene.  The name “Scenic” was very ironic, of course.

This photo was a nice color image, but I like it better as a vignetted monochrome that evokes a certain era and feel that seems appropriate.


Posted November 5, 2011 by ~ Bruce in America in Decline, Travel Photography

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