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When we lived in London I had an English friend who once said, “Paris is the most beautiful city in the world.  Too bad there are French people there.”  To be honest, we did not encounter much of the famed French haughtiness.  What we did encounter was a beautiful, walkable city.  Here are a few photos taken while simply walking around.


Posted January 12, 2012 by ~ Bruce in Architecture, Europe, Travel Photography

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2 responses to “Beautiful Paris

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  1. Especially got a kick out of the juxtaposition of the statue with the ferris wheel!

    Interesting that many of the photos had a monochromatic feel…..I’ve not been to Paris in the winter without folliage or flowers so it’s a different look.

    Thanks for sharing, Bruce.


    • Paris in December was cold and rainy, but the rain showers were intermittent so we had plenty of sunshine too! We spent at least 45 FREEZING minutes waiting to climb the stairs to the top of Notre Dame. Thank goodness it was worth it (I’ll post those pics today hopefully). Poor Hannah was only a day or two removed from 5 months in Ghana. Her tolerance for cold was a little less than ours, and Melanie and I were pretty darn cold and miserable!

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