Sitting by the Seine   Leave a comment

“It’s a rainy night in Paris and I’m sitting by the Seine . . . “

Well, not exactly.  But I cannot think of the Seine without Billy Joel’s lyrics coming to mind.  In this case it was a cool and sunny day in Paris.  The woman in this photo had walked past us, taking an empty bench about 100 feet away and placing her pack of cigarettes beside her.  I don’t know if she was happy or sad or somewhere in between.  A photograph doesn’t always capture the real emotion of its subject.  To me this is a melancholy image that conveys a sense of isolation, from her decidedly non-Parisian clothing to the unnoticed, young joggers passing by.  She smoked her cigarette while gazing blankly across the river.  And the world went about its business, taking no notice of her.

I truly hope that she was happier — more content — than my emotional response to the scene.  I hope that I did not invade too much of her private moment.


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