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One of our day trips was to the palace at Versailles on the outskirts of Paris.  Not much needs to be said about this ornate chateau, last occupied by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  It is definitely a let-them-eat-cake sort of place.  The morning we were there was very crowded, and I frankly felt a bit indifferent to taking photos in the mayhem.  Following are a dozen shots where I managed to avoid the crush of the crowd.

(Above) Versailles:  Palace gate.  Tourists come in through a side entrance.

(Above) Versailles:  Exterior detail.

(Above) Versailles:  The understated architecture continued inside.

(Above) Versailles:  Exterior view from inside, through old glass panes.

(Above) Versailles:  One of the better images in my opinion.  I’ve always liked to photograph repeating geometric shapes like these columns.

(Above) Versailles:  More ornate columns.  I liked the warm light entering from the window.

(Above) Versailles:  Not your everyday ceiling.

(Above) Versailles:  Louis XVI, in happier times.

(Above) Versailles:  Chandeliers.  Electrified now, but candles in the palace’s heyday.

(Above) Versailles:  A hall of busts.  That I was able to photograph the entire length of the hall without a tourist in the frame is a small miracle.

(Above) Versailles:  Gardens.  This would be classified as “photo art” because I over-saturated the colors by a huge amount, and then heavily diffused the background.

(Above) Versailles:  Another highly saturated and diffused image, this time with the palace wing as a backdrop.


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  1. Stunning photos! Such incredible detail and perfect compostion to each of them. I especially love the one looking through the window.

    • Thanks Jennifer. It was a difficult shooting situation because of all the tourists. It left me feeling a little demoralized by the end of the day. And that was in December! I can’t imagine what the crowds must be like in July . . .

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