Tundra Swans   4 comments

Nice photography conditions at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area this morning.  Not too many Snow Geese yet (less than 5,000 by my guess), but these graceful Tundra Swans were preening and posing nicely.  I hope to get up to Middle Creek a couple more times in the next three weeks as more Snow Geese arrive.


Posted February 19, 2012 by ~ Bruce in Nature and Wildlife

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4 responses to “Tundra Swans

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  1. Beautiful! It has been several years since Dan and I have been up to Middle Creek, maybe we’ll have to go up there this year!

  2. Beautiful capture Bruce . . . the early bird catches the Tundra Swan, as they say 🙂

  3. Thanks Shawn and Dan. Maybe this one would work well as a metallic paper print?

  4. Tom and I have been twice already and had a awe inspiring moment the last time when the geese lifted out of the water.
    It was like a tidal wave and I thought at first that the sound was thunder. It was an incredible sight!

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