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Adobe Lightroom 4 — Variations on a Theme   Leave a comment

I installed an upgrade to Lightroom 4 this afternoon.  The most noticeable immediate difference compared to Lightroom 3 was the availability of presets designed to provide various “looks” to your imported photos.  You can also develop and save your own presets.  Here is a small sample of what you can do with this new Lightroom feature:

(Above)  Original file.  Tulip photo converted to watercolor look in Topaz Simplify.


(Above) Original file with Lightroom ‘Aged Photo’ preset plus ‘Vignette 2’ preset applied.


(Above)  Original file with Lightroom ‘Bleach Bypass’ preset plus ‘Vignette 1’ preset applied.


(Above)  Original file with Lightroom ‘Yellow Filter’ B&W preset applied, plus some additional warm toning.


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More Tulips   1 comment

Not a good morning for photography downtown.  The cold and dreary weather prevented anyone from hanging around Penn Square or Central Market.  Just half a block from our home, however, I stopped to photograph these tulips at the Catholic church.  The cloudy conditions helped in this case by casting a soft even light.  Maybe I’ll make a print for the nuns, for making this photo op possible!

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Tulips   2 comments

The wind died down long enough this evening for me to capture a few tulip images in our backyard.  The cool evening air caused the blooms to close, which I kind of prefer over the wide-open look.  These are ‘soft focus’ photos because I set the aperture wide open and then decreased the clarity slider in Adobe Lightroom.

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Enough Of This Foolishness   Leave a comment

The City of Boston has agreed to pay a $170,000 settlement to Simon Glik, a Massachusetts attorney.  Glik was arrested in 2007 for using his cell phone to record Boston police arresting a man in a public area.  The charges?  Violation of the state’s wiretap laws, disturbing the peace, and aiding the escape of a prisoner (who did not come close to escaping considering that three Boston police were subduing him).  All charges were either dropped or thrown out in court.  Glik sued the city and the police department for violation of his First Amendment rights.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit had this to say in upholding Glik’s claims:

The filming of government officials engaged in their duties in a public place, including police officers performing their responsibilities, fits comfortably within these (First Amendment) principles… This is particularly true of law enforcement officials, who are granted substantial discretion that may be misused to deprive individuals of their liberties… Such peaceful recording of an arrest in a public space that does not interfere with the police officers’ performance of their duties is not reasonably subject to limitation.

This foolishness has been going on all over the country.  Arrests on arcane wiretap laws, which were in most cases created long before cell phones and other portable recording devices were even in existence, have been thrown out of court time and again.

Police have the right to perform their duties unhindered.  Citizens have the right to record police performing their duties in public, as long as they don’t hinder the police in the performance of those duties.  The ACLU has published guidelines that both photographers and police should be aware of.  Then maybe the foolishness will stop.

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Photography 101: Background Awareness   Leave a comment

So yeah.  It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the background, lest something unanticipated ruin a perfectly good shot.

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Cape May Jetty   Leave a comment

This is an HDR (high dynamic range) stack of 3 photos taken last year during a very overcast morning in Cape May, New Jersey.  I wanted to get the fisherman’s red hat and sweatshirt to really stand out, and I wanted the wide tonality and contrast of an HDR photo.  The three photos were hand held and taken in quick succession (less than half a second).  I then combined them in Photomatix software and adjusted brightness, contrast and saturation.

For those familiar with the area, this is a jetty where the Cape May – Lewes ferry comes in and departs.

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Santa Fe Reflections (or things that I do when I’m bored)   Leave a comment

Two photos from Santa Fe, taken while sitting on restaurant patios.  Given enough time there is a pretty good chance that I will pull my camera out of the bag.

Breakfast, lunch, and . . . no dinner.  I think my family told me to put it away.

(Above)  Waiting for breakfast.  Santa Fe, NM.

(Above)  Waiting for lunch.  Santa Fe, NM.

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