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This morning I had the privilege of photographing Rafiki Africa’s African Festival and 5k Run.  I had been approached more than a month ago by our friend and neighbor, Tom, to document the event, which I was happy to do.  Melanie will be writing more about the Rafiki Africa event in a future blog.  For now, it will suffice to simply say that it was a fun, energetic, and really remarkable day.

I’ve photographed charity events before.  I enjoy putting my hobby and passion to good use, but it’s not exactly artistic photography.  I simply sort through and find the best photos, burn them to disc, and then turn them over to the event organizer.  However, today there was a little something extra that always makes the photography more fun — children.  In this case, with face paint and dancing too.  Out of 600+ event photos (I haven’t even looked at them all yet), I couldn’t wait to download these two “bonus shots” based on what I saw in the viewfinder.

Definitely what I consider to be “bonus photography”!


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  1. These are just incredible! I know Roger and Dorothy will love them! Thank you, Bruce for capturing these faces on film.

    • I had a blast doing it, Bobbie. I’m about two-thirds through the rest. I think Roger and Dorothy will have a lot of material to work with to advertise next year’s run!

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