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NYU student Alexander Arbuckle believed that the New York City police were being unfairly portrayed during recent Occupy protests.  So he decided to do a photojournalist project by creating a video designed to show the police activities in a more positive light.  He was arrested while filming and charged with a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for standing in the street and blocking traffic.

Only he wasn’t in the street — he was on the sidewalk.  On Monday, a judge dismissed the charge after multiple videos taken during the arrest showed that Arbuckle never left the sidewalk.  In fact, the videos showed that all the protesters were on the sidewalk too.  The only people blocking traffic in the streets were the police.  Arbuckle appears to have been singled out for using a video camera.

“It was a total fabrication,” Arbuckle said. “When I was first arraigned in February, they offered me an ACD [Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal]. It would have been nice to have everything over and done with, but it would have been an acknowledgment of guilt, and I knew I wasn’t guilty.”

The fabricated arrest story was told under oath by the arresting officer.  That is perjury.  Will the officer be held accountable?


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