A Target Rich Day   5 comments

Some days I just carry my camera around and find absolutely nothing to shoot.  And then there are better days, like today . . .

(Above)  Before I even made it downtown I spotted these backlit maple leaves at St. John’s Episcopal Church on West Chestnut Street.

(Above)  Then an hour or so later I spotted these purple coneflowers on Queen Street.

(Above)  There were lots of musicians down at Central Market today.  This guy was playing his harmonica, with cigarette at the ready.

(Above)  This afternoon I spotted a whole garden of day lilies (one of my favorites to photograph) near Buchanan Park.

(Above)  And finally, while taking our Golden Retriever (Penny) for a walk, a hawk landed on a fence while we were walking down an alley near our house.  I rarely take my camera on walks with Penny.  Today I did, and this was my reward.  A good day of photography indeed!


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5 responses to “A Target Rich Day

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  1. The hawk is great.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s an immature Cooper’s Hawk

  3. Great pics!

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