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Exactly two years ago, on July 4, 2010, I talked an employee from the Pittsburgh Convention Center into unlocking a door and letting me onto the convention center roof.  My goal was to photograph the back of a building across the street.  It is a somewhat distressed building with a rickety fire escape seven or eight stories up.  I got the shots that I wanted, but until today never did much work on them.  Here is one — after a couple of hours of fiddling around — that meets the gritty urban image I imagined when I took the photos.  The sequence of files and conversions to get to this final version is shown below.

(Above) Final image.

(Above)  Original image with no adjustments.

(Above)  Original image, cropped, converted to black and white, and adjusted for contrast / brightness / sharpness, using Adobe Lightroom 4.

(Above)  This texture layer was then blended with the photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Texture layer provided by “~fabricate-stock” via his/her Deviant Art account.  (Deviant Art, as bad as it sounds, is a great place to find texture layers and photo frames).

(Above)  Black and white photo after texture layer is applied.

(Above)  The image was again imported back into Adobe Lightroom 4 and converted to monochrome using the “Antique Photo” preset, along with a bit more contrast.


Posted July 4, 2012 by ~ Bruce in America in Decline, Digital Art

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