Alaska Trip (Part 1) — 20 Marvelous and Tiring Days   3 comments

We just returned from a nearly three-week trip to Alaska.  This was not your typical Alaska vacation trip — it was a learning tour.  Actually, two separate learning tours with an organization called New Community Project.  NCP is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2003 by David Radcliff — our learning tour leader — with the encouragement and financial support of other like-minded individuals.  According to New Community Project’s website:

“Our neighbors are struggling, the earth is a mess, many people don’t seem to know or care, and we all wonder what we can do about it.  Our mission: to provide resources that challenge us, experiences that change us, opportunities that channel our passions, and a community that gives us hope.”

How does Alaska fit in, and what did we do?  The short version:  We hiked.  We ascended mountains.  We camped in tents.  We took sink baths and stream baths.  We improved a handicap-access trail in a national park.  We cleaned a church . . . in a native Alaskan village . . . above the arctic circle.  We cooked.  We ate caribou stew and PBJ’s.  We washed dishes.  We used an outhouse.  We learned about native plants.  We learned about an ancient noble culture.  We learned that you run from a moose but you stand your ground against a grizzly (yeah, good luck with that last one).  We carried a rifle for protection on some of our arctic hikes.  We talked to Gwich’in elders and soaked in their wisdom, and shared in their sorrows and frustrations as their world slowly changes.  Most importantly, we talked to each other . . . about our individual lives and our shared concern for our earth and its inhabitants.  And that’s only a part of what we experienced.

Oh yeah, and I took a lot of photographs.  Somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000.  I promise not to post them all.

To begin, here are a few photos from my first hour with camera in hand.  The location was Seward, Alaska — our jumping off point.

(Above)  Melanie and I were up early so we decided to walk down to the waterfront.  This photo was my reward for getting my butt out of bed.

(Above)  We snagged a couple of coffees and watched the commercial and charter fishing boats head out.

(Above)  Not an eagle.  Just a plain old seagull . . . flying across a foggy Resurrection Bay.

(Above)  Weather vane, monument, and mountain tops peeking through the early morning fog.


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3 responses to “Alaska Trip (Part 1) — 20 Marvelous and Tiring Days

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  1. What a magnificent experience for you guys. I am in awe. The photos are amazing Bruce.

    • Thanks, Gail. Melanie and I had a great time. This (day cruise) was the easy part of the trip. We spent a lot of nights in tents and a lot of days on the hiking trails. I lost around 8 pounds in the 2+ weeks!

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