Alaska Trip (Part 5) — Denali, The Mountains   2 comments

I’m an unapologetic fan of mountains.  I love to photograph them, and I somehow manage to climb them (often bent over and gasping for breath).  I especially love to photograph mountains when the light is “special”, whether that means mist and cloud cover, or spotlighted sun.  Denali provided both conditions and some great photo ops.

Our national parks have spectacular mountains.  I’ve photographed and hiked mountains in Yosemite, Olympic, Rainier, Great Smoky Mountains, Badlands, Rocky Mountain, Shenandoah, and several other parks.  The mountain scenery in Denali is second to none.  And for the lucky few, the big mountain — Mt. McKinley Denali — is at least partially visible about seven or eight days a month in August.  The rest of the time it’s covered in clouds.

We were among the lucky few . . .

(Above)  About a quarter-mile walk from our campground, Melanie sits by the Savage River and writes in her journal.

(Above)  Denali (I prefer the original native name over Mt. McKinley) from 70+ miles away.  It came out for only a few hours on our second-to-last day.  At 20,328 feet it is North America’s highest peak.  Not only tall, it is a massive, massive mountain.


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  1. These pictures are spectacular!

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