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“Don’t f***in’ move.  We’re not insured.”  The last instruction directed at five audience “volunteers” by one of the Tic and Tac twins, street performers in Washington Square Park, New York.

These guys are funny (unless you’re way uptight and offended by racial jokes), talented, and really good at parting you from your money.  “The average donation for a show like this is $20.  If you can’t afford $20, $10 will do.  If you can’t afford at least $5 . . . People, get a job and do something productive with yourself!”  That said, the show was easily worth the $15 we threw into the bag.  A bargain by New York City standards.  Can you see that giant T-for-tourist tattoo on my forehead?

Oh yeah, these guys have their own website with an online merchandise store and a Facebook page.  Not exactly your average weekend buskers.

Here are some images from the show:


(Above)  The drums sucked me right in, just like they were intended to do.


(Above)  A few dance moves to warm things up and draw in a bigger crowd.


(Above)  A couple of tumbling runs.  I set the camera at 800 ISO to freeze the action.  Most of the photos ended up at 1/750th to 1/1000th sec.  Plenty fast enough to freeze the action.


(Above)  A no-hands head stand on concrete made me wince.


(Above)  The split really made me wince.  No chance, not even in my younger days.  Ouch.


(Above)  I couldn’t tell for sure but I think this guy did 3 full 360-degree one arm revolutions.  Unfortunately I’m not talented enough to photograph and count at the same time.


(Above)  Another tumbling run.  In mid-air and eyes wide open.  I love this shot.


(Above)  And another mid-air shot.  (Did I mention that these guys are really, really athletic?)


(Above)  One twin spinning the other on his head.  Tough head, solid abs.


(Above)  Final instructions for the grand finale.  The girl in the middle was a bit concerned.  “You are about to see something you’ve never seen before — a black man running at full speed and not being chased by a cop!  Don’t f***in’ move.  We’re not insured!”





(Above)  With a landing on a hard concrete surface to boot.  Tough way to make a few bucks.

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