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Anime Meets Native America   Leave a comment


Numerous words come to mind when describing the scene in Lancaster City today. Weird, surreal, and eclectic should suffice. Because today — all within the space of a few hundred feet — I was able to observe a Native American protest and Lancaster’s annual Anime convention-goers.

Anime, to save you the effort of a Google search, is a form of Japanese animation that appeals to both children and adults alike. The result is an annual gathering of individuals who dress the part of their (presumably) favorite animated characters. The costumes give the downtown a decidedly Halloween feel here in April.

The Native Americans on the other hand were protesting a planned natural gas pipeline that will cut through Lancaster county, along with other grievances such as casino corporations fleecing Native Americans, and discrimination against people of Native American descent.

And you thought Lancaster was only Amish people and outlet malls . . .

The result, in photographic form:












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Hula-Hoop Girl   Leave a comment

Hula-Hoop Girl braved the cold wind this morning and did her thing in Penn Square, downtown Lancaster.  This was my first sighting of HHG this year.  It is not uncommon to see her set up pretty much anywhere in the city.  Music, hula-hooping, awesome smile, and just pure pleasantness.  As a by-stander said this morning, “Hula-Hoop Girl rocks!”

Good friend Joe Devoy tells me that Hula-Hoop Girl will be putting on her show at Tellus 360 in the near future.  There is a whole lot more to Lancaster than outlet malls and all-you-can-eat restaurants along Route 30.  Get yourself into the city on the first sunny and warm spring day.  Hula-Hoop Girl and the street musicians make it a pleasure!









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Snow Geese 2013   1 comment

The migration is underway as thousands of snow geese are on the lake at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area on the Lancaster -Lebanon border here in Pennsylvania.  I stopped by yesterday for a few hours.  The numbers of snow geese should continue to climb for at least a couple more weeks.  The Tundra Swans are still on the lake too.


(Above) Location: Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Two snow geese do a fly-by over the lake.  Beautiful, powerful-looking birds.


(Above) Location: Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  The start of thousands of snow geese going aloft.  They fly around above the lake and then settle back down after a minute or so.  Sometimes it appears to happen for no reason.  Other times it happens when a bald eagle or some other predator flies nearby.  It’s an awesome and noisy sight to behold.


(Above) Location: Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Tundra Swans fly over the lake.


(Above) Location: Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Two Tundra Swans fly overhead.


(Above) Location: Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Snow Geese flying above the lake.


(Above) Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Back on the lake — some in the water, some standing on the ice.

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A Target Rich Day   5 comments

Some days I just carry my camera around and find absolutely nothing to shoot.  And then there are better days, like today . . .

(Above)  Before I even made it downtown I spotted these backlit maple leaves at St. John’s Episcopal Church on West Chestnut Street.

(Above)  Then an hour or so later I spotted these purple coneflowers on Queen Street.

(Above)  There were lots of musicians down at Central Market today.  This guy was playing his harmonica, with cigarette at the ready.

(Above)  This afternoon I spotted a whole garden of day lilies (one of my favorites to photograph) near Buchanan Park.

(Above)  And finally, while taking our Golden Retriever (Penny) for a walk, a hawk landed on a fence while we were walking down an alley near our house.  I rarely take my camera on walks with Penny.  Today I did, and this was my reward.  A good day of photography indeed!

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Amish Surfing   Leave a comment

One of those things you occasionally see in a library in Lancaster county. The Amish may not have electricity in their homes, but that doesn’t mean a young man can’t check his email if the situation calls for it.

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The Agony and the Ecstasy   Leave a comment

The agony and the ecstasy of a lead guitar player.  This is the actual sequence of shots taken at Music Friday last evening.  BTW, if you find yourself near Lancaster on the third Friday of any summer month, Music Friday is a great evening out!


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Another Musical Saturday Morning   Leave a comment

Nothing like sunshine and pleasant temperatures to bring people out to Central Market, especially the street musicians.  The music this morning was great for anyone who took the time to listen.  I’ll never understand people who simply walk by a musician and drop a dollar in the case.  Stop and listen.  Seriously, life is better when you do.  They don’t play just for the money.  They play because they love it.

(Above)  Rockin’ with a ukulele.

(Above)  This guy was playing some great Led Zeppelin licks, so I struck up a conversation with him.  He asked what was my favorite Zeppelin tune and I said “Kashmir”.  So he tuned his guitar to DADGAD like Jimmy Page used to and played Kashmir.  Fantastic!

(Above)  I’ve photographed this guy before.  In fact, his photo is on the cover of my self-published book, A Year In The City.  Today he was playing a song I hadn’t heard in years — What’s Going On, by 4 Non Blondes.  He sang it well, and it sounded great on the acoustic guitar.

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Bonus Photography   2 comments

This morning I had the privilege of photographing Rafiki Africa’s African Festival and 5k Run.  I had been approached more than a month ago by our friend and neighbor, Tom, to document the event, which I was happy to do.  Melanie will be writing more about the Rafiki Africa event in a future blog.  For now, it will suffice to simply say that it was a fun, energetic, and really remarkable day.

I’ve photographed charity events before.  I enjoy putting my hobby and passion to good use, but it’s not exactly artistic photography.  I simply sort through and find the best photos, burn them to disc, and then turn them over to the event organizer.  However, today there was a little something extra that always makes the photography more fun — children.  In this case, with face paint and dancing too.  Out of 600+ event photos (I haven’t even looked at them all yet), I couldn’t wait to download these two “bonus shots” based on what I saw in the viewfinder.

Definitely what I consider to be “bonus photography”!

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Chords   Leave a comment

There were only half a dozen or so people outside of market this morning.  All of us except this young man were in the sunshine.  He opted for the shade, pulled out his guitar, and started strumming various chords — eyes closed and in his own world with the music.

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Photography 101: Background Awareness   Leave a comment

So yeah.  It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the background, lest something unanticipated ruin a perfectly good shot.

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Lazy Man’s Guide to Street Photography   2 comments

Three hours, three coffees from Mean Cup, and three brown sugar cookies from Wendy Jo’s.  I wandered a total of maybe 100 feet, sat on the sidewalk most of the time, and let the photos come to me this morning.  The biggest challenge was holding the camera steady after those three coffees.

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A Brief Glimpse   Leave a comment

These guys were only able to play for 20 or 30 minutes yesterday due to the cold.  But that was long enough for an interested toddler and his mother to spend a few minutes listening.  The little boy was really curious, pointing and asking lots of questions.  A nice moment watching a child listen and learn.

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A Different Kind of Color Iso   Leave a comment

My other color isolation photos have all been flowers.  Nice, but predictable.  This morning I was out and around the city as usual when I captured this shot of a young red-headed guy listening to a couple of street musicians.  But when I downloaded and viewed the image my reaction was kind of “blah”.  So I decided to isolate what caught my attention in the first place — that tangle of ginger hair.  Using Adobe Lightroom 3 and Topaz B&W Effects I was able to darken and desaturate everything but the hair.  Not an award winner but a more interesting image this way, I think.



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Just Another Weekend In The City   Leave a comment

You can be shouted at by a street preacher, or you can be entertained by the Liberty Tax guy.  All on the same street corner.

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There’s A Test?   Leave a comment

Who knew?

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Reflections   4 comments

I’ve always been drawn to reflected images.  Lancaster City was full of reflections this morning thanks to a bright blue sky and bright — but not harsh — sunlight.

(Above) Former Academy of Music building — now part of Millersville University.

(Above) Building on Prince Street with reflection of Prince Street Parking Garage sign and blue sky.

(Above) A shop on Prince Street.  The red objects are reflections of tents set up in the Occupy Lancaster encampment.

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Market Dog   Leave a comment

The hitching posts outside of Central Market were used for Amish buggies once upon a time.  Now they are more typically used for bikes and dogs.  This guy, with his one floppy ear, was curious about the sound of my camera.

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Artist At Work   1 comment

Sitting (slacking?) outside of the Prince Street Cafe a few weeks ago while drinking a coffee, I watched as an art student sat down at a nearby table and started sketching.  Always in awe of someone who can draw or paint (I can’t, that’s why I’m a photographer), I was impressed by how she rapidly created a drawing of the buildings across the street.  The photographer in me couldn’t resist taking a few photographs of her hands as she sketched.  Those black, red, and silver colors, a strong image themselves, were too good to pass up.

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Things You See In The Mirror   3 comments

A scene that I saw in the side view mirror while driving around Lancaster county.  Getting up before sunrise was once again rewarded.  And yes, I stopped the car first.


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Occupy Lancaster   2 comments

The “Occupy” movement came to our little city, only a half dozen or so blocks from my home.  How could any photographer resist?  The police didn’t seem to be too concerned, and the Bank of America security guard (who BofA brought in from Virginia) seemed mostly interested in checking out the outlet malls on Route 30 after the bank closed.  In any case, it was a peaceful scene during the time I was there.

Here are a few of the better photos that I took on Saturday afternoon.  I am not particularly interested in wide angle crowd shots.  I prefer images that tell an individual story.


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