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Before and After   Leave a comment

Someone recently asked me if doing post-processing of my photos made that much of a difference in picture quality.  The answer is an unqualified yes.  As an example, below is a photo that I took on Friday evening.  The one on the left is straight out of the camera.  The one on the right is after about two minutes of working on it in Adobe Lightroom 4.  Simple adjustments were made to brightness, contrast, and color tone.  Then I used the brush tool to brighten and clarify the detail on the bell of the saxophone.

I can’t remember ever posting a photo straight out of the camera.  And given what can be done with software — the modern-day version of the dark room — I doubt that I ever will.  Software doesn’t necessarily create a false image.  Sometimes it allows me to reproduce what my eye really saw.


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The Agony and the Ecstasy   Leave a comment

The agony and the ecstasy of a lead guitar player.  This is the actual sequence of shots taken at Music Friday last evening.  BTW, if you find yourself near Lancaster on the third Friday of any summer month, Music Friday is a great evening out!


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Another Musical Saturday Morning   Leave a comment

Nothing like sunshine and pleasant temperatures to bring people out to Central Market, especially the street musicians.  The music this morning was great for anyone who took the time to listen.  I’ll never understand people who simply walk by a musician and drop a dollar in the case.  Stop and listen.  Seriously, life is better when you do.  They don’t play just for the money.  They play because they love it.

(Above)  Rockin’ with a ukulele.

(Above)  This guy was playing some great Led Zeppelin licks, so I struck up a conversation with him.  He asked what was my favorite Zeppelin tune and I said “Kashmir”.  So he tuned his guitar to DADGAD like Jimmy Page used to and played Kashmir.  Fantastic!

(Above)  I’ve photographed this guy before.  In fact, his photo is on the cover of my self-published book, A Year In The City.  Today he was playing a song I hadn’t heard in years — What’s Going On, by 4 Non Blondes.  He sang it well, and it sounded great on the acoustic guitar.

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Chords   Leave a comment

There were only half a dozen or so people outside of market this morning.  All of us except this young man were in the sunshine.  He opted for the shade, pulled out his guitar, and started strumming various chords — eyes closed and in his own world with the music.

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A Brief Glimpse   Leave a comment

These guys were only able to play for 20 or 30 minutes yesterday due to the cold.  But that was long enough for an interested toddler and his mother to spend a few minutes listening.  The little boy was really curious, pointing and asking lots of questions.  A nice moment watching a child listen and learn.

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Guitar Man   2 comments

Yesterday I had one of the best photography days I’ve had in a long time.  Photo ops just seemed to be everywhere and I’ll be posting many of the images over the next several days.

The brick wall and sidewalk along Central Market is a favorite place for street musicians to set up and play, and it’s a great place to photograph the right subject.  This young man was definitely the right kind of subject, and — bonus — he was a really good musician.  I dropped a few dollars in his case and took a dozen shots.  I was so pleased with what I saw on the camera’s LCD display that I bought him a coffee too.

I processed this photo in Adobe Lightroom 3, followed by Topaz Black & White Effects (Low Contrast Detail setting).  Then I brought back 30% color to give it a pastel hand-colored look.

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Playing Bass, Talking Football   Leave a comment

A photo from this past weekend.  This gent plays his bass guitar to an accompanying boom box all over town.  He loves to talk music and Philadelphia Eagles football.

Digital art effect applied via Topaz Simplify “Neutralizer”.


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